WyreStorm is an Award-Winning Audio-Visual Solutions Manufacturer. They focus on the development and manufacture of 4K and HD distribution and control products over HDMI, HDBaseT and IP at the forefront of digital technology. WyreStorm industry-leading research and development team create innovative solutions to suit the ever-growing number of residential and commercial applications such as digital signage, custom install, conference and board rooms, education, retail store fit-outs, sports bars, as well as super yachts and prestige projects.



The Power of Three

Professional video over IP systems employs a standard video codec to compress the program material into a bitstream, then transmitted over an IP network as a stream of IP packets. low and zero latency transmissions, seamless switching and lossless video quality supporting 4K UHD, high frame rates, 4:4:4 and HDR to become an increasingly viable alternative to conventional AV transmission over distance technologies for both residential and commercial applications.



The benefits of video conferencing are clear and it’s now more accessible than ever before. However, with the emergence of so many new digital collaboration tools, covering both software & hardware, working out what systems will best suit your company in order to unify all of your communications can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced AV/IT professional. WyreStorm provides a solution for today’s demanding meeting spaces, whether that’s a small huddle space, large corporate boardroom or classroom.

WyreStorm Essentials™

AV essentials made easy. Simple and affordable plug-and-play 4K and HD solutions for the home or business.

WyreStorm Essentials has been developed as a simple and affordable line of AV distribution products for home and light commercial installations. With a wide range of models, WyreStorm Essentials are plug and play 4K, HD, and home solutions for just about every application environment.

WyreStorm Office

Office Work Made Easier

A brand new line of products designed to simplify your work space, increase productivity and make the work day flow as smoothly as possible. Aiming for an effortless plug & play video conference experience, the new WyreStorm Office line offers a range of premium webcams, as well as USB speakerphones.



At WyreStorm, we believe that presenting content should be a passive experience; the equipment that you’re connecting to should require as little interaction as possible so you can get on with business. We’ve designed our Synergy™ range of static and extending presentation switches to operate with automatic source switching at the heart of their operation. Additionally, some models now include CEC power triggering which can power a connected screen or projector on or off based on source presence. It doesn’t stop there though; most of the products in the Synergy™ range have the ability to trigger connected projector screens, lifts or blinds via their built-in relays, bringing both a degree of autonomy and cost saving to corporate or education installs. With 4K and HDCP2.2 compatibility thrown in for good measure, these powerful switchers will also handle most modern commercially available content, too.



A leading manufacturer of award-winning AV signal distribution and collaboration solutions for a multitude of different markets. Specializing in providing innovative single-platform and hybrid solutions. WyreStorm solutions are Powerful. Reliable. Simple. Developed to minimize system complexity with installer ready IT solutions for increased ease of integration and reliability, while offering exceptional performance for the best value and end-user experience.