They design and manufacture lifts for projectors and TV, projection screens for projectors, control devices and iPad wall docking stations. At VIZ-ART they design and implement the best automatics solutions for commercial spaces and residential spaces. Their products are appreciated for a number of highlights: projector lifts for the highest accuracy and precision of operation, furniture lifts for plasma TV sets for the prestige and reputation they lend to the interiors and projection screens for original design. This is why in designing equipment at VIZ-ART AUTOMATION they pay attention to the things appreciated by you, which are simultaneously functional and operating perfectly.


Projector Lifts

Enjoy the comfortable projection in your cinema with no visible cables, connections, and AV equipment.

Ceiling lifts for projectors will ensure true luxury in your home cinema system. The projector lifts designed and manufactured by VIZ-ART are dedicated to implementation in various interiors. The SLIM lift fits in a 5,5 cm space over the ceiling and is compliant with the EIB system, while the SPAV 60 lift is able to hold as much as 60 kg of projector weight. Choose a projector lift model that will best match your expectations. All VIZ-ART automatics equipment combines the precision of operation with seamless design and comfortable use.

VIZ-ART AUTOMATION knows how to effectively conceal state of the art AV technology.

VIZ-ART automatics and screens have been recognized in prestige AV projects. VIZ-ART products are appreciated for their exceptional design, precision, and durability.

In VIZ-ART Automation they design and manufacture electric screens for projectors, frame screens, lifts for plasma TV sets and ceiling lifts for projectors. Choosing the highest quality, you receive an exceptional product that will help ensure that your home cinema provides you with the full comfort you expect.