Distractions steal our focus. Humly’s products are designed to help you navigate at a glance. Because finding and booking rooms or desks at work should be smooth, simple and secure. Less friction, more focus: the key to hybrid workplace success. Humly Workplace Solutions consists of a growing product portfolio.


Humly Room Display (HRD)

A timeless booking solution

Smooth, stylish and secure The Humly Room Display is the perfect interactive display for your collaboration spaces. Our meeting room booking solution will help you find the space you already booked, or guide you to one that is available right now. On the display it is clear who has booked the room and for how long. With the Humly Room display you no longer need to disturb an ongoing meeting and you will instantly remove much of the friction related to meeting room reservations. Its iconic timeless design will fit well into any modern office as its aesthetic has been developed to become part of the interior.

Humly Booking Device (HBD)

Slim, small & infinitely flexible.

Book anything, anywhere, For a more flexible office. Adaptable to meet the changing requirements of the hybrid workplace. The display can show whether a space or desk is available or not. Tapping on the touch screen allows anyone to book what they need on the spot. It integrates via the same backend as all other Humly Workplace Solutions suite products. The combination of a compact design and high-resolution screens makes the Humly Booking Device extremely versatile. Mount your Humly Booking Device on anything you wish people to be able to book. desk booking meeting rooms focus rooms phone booths and flexible workplace modules co-working spaces and social spaces cars and parking spaces ... and anything else you can think of Its slim form factor houses a small, high-resolution LCD (3.46 inches) and provides flexible mounting and positioning options that amplify the use case possibilities.


Book a room, space or desk easily through the Humly Web App or directly from Microsoft Teams.

Find your way at a glance Studies show that 70% of office workers spend more than 15 minutes every day looking for meeting rooms. 24 % spend more than 30 minutes. Another study shows that an average office worker wastes about 3 hours each week due to meetings that do not start on time. Together that is about 10% of a work day wasted for every office worker, every day. Humly Wayfinding is developed to give some of that wasted time back. Just like the airport departure board shows a list of flights in chronological order, the Humly Wayfinding screen shows a list of meetings where the ongoing meeting shows at the top followed by the ones that are about to start and further down meetings later in the day.

Floor Plan

Get an instant 3D overview of the office. What spaces are occupied? What’s free? Check a whole floor or specific rooms and desks and book them.

Room and desk availability – at a glance Imagine that you need a room or a desk. Instead of having to run up and down every floor to check availability, a 3D overview of each floor gives you all the answers. Use the passive mode on a big screen or manage your bookings in the interactive mode. Now you can pick up your phone to book the room or desk you need ad hoc. If you’re outside the office, you can use Humly Floor Plan both to check availability and manage the bookings in your booking system, Teams or Humly Reservations. Humly Floor Plan saves office workers and their guests a whole lot of time and frustration. And facility managers get an overview of usage status in real time, any time.


Are my guests here? Has everyone left the building? Keep track of who enters and leaves the office and give your visitors a friendly welcome

Welcome your visitors with ease Receive your visitors with the welcoming simplicity of Humly Visitor. Let them check-in and approve of terms and conditions on any chosen screen, using a clean and elegant user interface. The new system can be used on a tablet and a printer can be connected to it for badge printing and SMS alerts can be used when a visitor arrives and checks in. The backend can be used to track visitor flows for security and better workplace optimization.


Book a room, space or desk easily through the Humly Web App or directly from Microsoft Teams.

Let anyone book what they need, when they need it Reducing frustration and distractions is the key to modern workplace success. Just like the rest of the Humly Workplace Solutions, Humly Reservations simplifies everyday office life with clean, helpful and intuitive technology. Desk Booking and Room Booking is made easy using Humly Reservations from Humly Control Panel.

Free your mind at work.

In a world full of distractions we need focus more than ever. Make room for what’s important with clean, elegant workplace solutions.

Humly Room Display, A better way to work.