Pan Acoustics

THE SOUND SPECIALIST FOR CRYSTAL CLEAR COMMUNICATION IN ACOUSTICALLY CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENTS. All of Pan Acoustics solutions are designed for natural and un-colored audio reproduction and playback. We want you to listen as if the sound systems were not even there: Unobtrusive, present and clearly intelligible. To this end, Pan Acoustics offer solutions for a wide variety of applications in building infrastructure and emergency communication, education and presentation, UC meeting and conference rooms, religious facilities, government projects, and with their sister company Acoustic Control Systems (ACS), in theaters and concert halls.


Pan Beam

Pan Beam Series Targeted sound reinforcement with Beam Steering Technology

Better understand what's going on. The secret of directive sound. Enjoy a consistent, high-quality listening experience in every single seat in the concert hall or theatre. With the Pan Beam series, you will understand all important announcements in train stations, airports, museums or at conferences.

Pan 2 Line

Pan 2-Line Series Power supply, audio and control data via two-wire

Use the existing cabling in a simple and monument-friendly way. It has never been easier to turn old into new. Power supply, audio data and control - all over a conventional two-wire cable as found in a classic, passive speaker setup or a 70/100V installation. This is made possible by the in-house developed Pan Acoustics Pan 2-Line technology, which transforms a passive sound reinforcement system into an active solution. The highlight: the active, digitally controllable line array loudspeakers from the Pan 2-Line series can be integrated directly into the existing cabling of the previous installation. The building fabric remains untouched. This is ideal for the preservation of historical monuments and it reduces total system costs.


Pan AMT Series Finest detail at highest frequencies

Quality without boundaries. Finest detail and exquisite resolution even at highest frequencies. Behind the Pan AMT series is the idea of designing loudspeakers that break new ground in high frequency sound reproduction. Anchored in the corporate DNA of Pan Acoustics is the gene of combining proven technologies in a new way. For the AMT series a cooperation with Mundorf EB GmbH, the German manufacturer of Air Motion Transformers (AMT), was entered. Together with Mundorf a special AMT tweeter unit was developed, which enriches the Pan Acoustics product range due to its natural high frequency reproduction. The AMT technology was combined with clever crossover design and a ported low frequency driver setup. The result is a product that is unmatched in the sound reinforcement market. Precise high-frequency reproduction, clearly defined mids and lows are the hallmarks of these speakers.

Pan Evac

Pan Evac Series Line arrays for ENS/SAA Systems

Intelligible and safe emergency communication. Every word counts in an emergency. With the Pan Evac series, they offer products that can be seamlessly integrated into paging systems and into all common emergency notification systems (ENS). Line array speakers in two different sizes are available to you. The passive 100 volt loudspeakers consist of a robust aluminum housing and are also suitable for use in covered outdoor applications. A charming fact about our line array loudspeakers: they are not only suitable for voice announcements in an emergency, but they are also extremely musical. Background music can be conveniently played back in outstanding quality. This can for example be ideal in a shopping mall scenario. The loudspeakers from the Pan EVAC series were tested and certified by VdS according to EN 54-24. After an additional product/factory audit at Pan Acoustics, the Pan EVAC EN 54 series was additionally awarded the VdS seal of approval.

Pan Speaker

Pan Speaker Series Passive line array in a perfectly shaped design

Classy robe, authentic sound. Sold on the Pan Speaker series. The Pan Speaker Series was born out of the ambition to create a passive speaker series with the highest level of speech intelligibility and music reproduction in a perfectly formed design. This product line is characterized by its ease of use and excellent sound even in demanding applications.

Pan Subwoofer

Pan Subwoofer Series Powerful sound at lowest frequencies

If you need a little more! In the field of live music, but also for presentations or in theatre and cinema applications, low frequency support makes the event a real experience. When your stomach tingles and your feet vibrate, you're in the middle of the incident. The Pan Subwoofer series offers the right product for your project.

Reliable Solutions for Natural Audio

They develop and manufacture innovative sound reinforcement systems and digital audio solutions for various applications and environments. They combine technology and design with economic efficiency to guarantee best results to the clients. Natural sound and best audio reproduction of each loudspeaker are a matter of course to them. To live up to this theme, all development and production of our products take place in Wolfenbüttel, Germany. All products from Pan Acoustics are “Made in Germany”.