Established in July 1992, QSTECH Co., Ltd., QSTECH is one of the pioneering LED manufacturing enterprises in China. In 2020, it became a holding subsidiary of CVTE, a listed company. QSTECH now is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production, sales and after-sales service of LED application products. Since its founding, QSTECH has dedicated to LED application field with products being widely used in LED display, LED intelligent traffic application. Relying on the long industry involvement and rich experience, QSTECH now is known as a global leading LED application solution provider.


All-in-one LED Display

QSTECH's all-in-one LED display provides a compact and stable solution for a variety of applications, including audio-video playback, image display, and information release.

Indoor LED Display

QSTECH's indoor LED Display uses high resolution, high brightness, and true color display technology, making it suitable for commercial advertising, information release, multimedia presentations, indoor stages, and other venues.

Outdoor LED Display

QSTECH's outdoor LED display has a strong structure and waterproof performance, with high brightness, contrast and color reproduction, making it suitable for outdoor advertising, sports venues, and information release in various environments.